Relocate Outlets or Switches

If you need to relocate your existing light switches, you've come to the perfect place! Bondi Beach Electrical Services can help you with a variety of Electrical concerns that may arise in your daily life, including switch and outlet relocation.

In the 1880s, plugs and sockets for portable devices were designed to replace light sockets with wall-mounted outlets. Several products have been developed for ease of usage and protection against Electrical harm. There are about 20 different types of sockets in use today, and other historical socket types can be found in older buildings. Because of the synchronization of technical standards, specific plug types can now be used over vast geographical areas, easing the commerce of Electrical appliances and providing convenience for tourists and users of imported Electrical items. While some multi-standard sockets allow for the use of several plugs, illegal or improvised adaptors between incompatible sockets and plugs may not provide the same level of safety or performance as a properly installed socket-plug combination.

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